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Available in 14K white, yellow or platinum

Factory installed or as findings for you to attach

In widths from 2mm to 7 1/2mm

In straight or tapered shanks

Plain wedding bands and Tiffany-style mountings

Finger Mate shanks open 3 finger sizes to go over the knuckle, and then lock closed in the wearing position. A special 4 size opening can be ordered on certain shanks.

To open the shank when the ring is on the finger, just pull up on the top of the ring. To close, simply push the bottoms together.

Finger Mate expandable ring shanks will:

♦ Help you close New Ring Sales for hard-to-fit customers

♦ Protect the ring sales you've already made with a guaranteed fit

♦ Make new ring customers for people who cannot wear their rings because of enlarged knuckles. They are now customers for Finger Mate ring shanks and new rings.

♦ Add value to your custom and re-modeling jobs



The Mint set allows your customer to actually try a ring on in his or her own size.

This is a set of 20 specially designed rings, each with a Finger Mate shank graduated by half-sizes from 3 to 12 1/2. It was created for Finger Mate Dealers to show their customers how their own rings would look and feel if they had Finger Mate shanks.


While the Finger Mate sizing gauge is an accurate instrument,  the Finger Mate Mint sample  in the customer's own size is not only a more accurate means of measuring, it is a most impressive sales tool as well.   

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