Expandable ring shanks
Open and lock securely for a perfect fit

The Finger Mate expandable ring shank opens wide to easily go over the knuckle, then closes and locks securely in the wearing position. To open, simply grasp the top of the ring and pull up.

No more twisting and turning.

No more forcing rings on and off.

Finger Mate shanks are available as findings or factory installed, in a wide variety of widths and styles, in 14K white gold, yellow gold or platinum, to replace the shank of almost any ring.


Video tutorial below


The Finger Mate shank replaces your existing shank to allow your ring to open three sizes larger to fit over your knuckle, then locks closed in the wearing position. The expandable ring is easy to put on, slide over knuckle,  easy to remove and comfortable while worn.


No more twisting and turning.

No more forcing rings over the knuckle.


The Finger Mate shank opens automatically when the ring is pulled from the top and locks closed when its sides are squeezed together. Its 2-position catch allows for an approximate half-size adjustment when needed. There are no buttons to push, and no dangling flaps. The 14K gold special safety spring allows the shank to open 3 - 4 sizes .






Finger Mate

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